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Meet Our Incredible Team

Committed to excellence

Miguel Casiano 


On a personal level, the vice president is very busy, usually working long hours. However, he is also a sociable and outgoing person who enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is passionate about his work and is committed to the company's success.He is the company's strategist, the one with the long-term vision. He ensures that the company is prepared for the future and takes advantage of opportunities that arise. He is a born leader with a remarkable ability to inspire others.


Dra. Lymari Negrón


Visionary and dedicated leader recognized for her ability to drive organizational growth and success. With a solid background in the business world, she has demonstrated exceptional skills in strategic decision-making, inspirational leadership, and effective team management.
Her passion for innovation and commitment to excellence make her a reference and incentive for everyone around her.

Social Media Manager

Madeline Alicea

Social Media Manager

As an innovative, creative, and dedicated artist, our influencer is recognized for her ability to drive growth and success in the digital field. With solid experience in social media, he has demonstrated exceptional strategic decision-making skills. Her inspiring influence, passion for innovation, and commitment to excellence make her a reference and source of motivation for all.

Jose Santiago


Driven by an unwavering passion for success and building strong client relationships, our Sales Manager is prepared to lead sales teams, mentor emerging professionals, and lead organizations toward achieving revenue goals. His proven track record of excellence and his commitment to customer satisfaction make him an invaluable asset in the dynamic sales world.

Regional Sales Manager
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